We Are A Recruiting Firm That Thinks Differently.

Great Candidates. No Placement Fees.

Thousands of Happy Employees. 

Since 2012, ClientMind Recruiting has been helping start up and growth companies find the best talent while providing the best return on recruiting investments.​

We work with clients who cannot justify a full time recruiter yet need help finding qualified candidates.

Different than traditional agencies, we provide recruiting like a professional service on an hourly basis.  There are no extra fees for advertising, or job board access.  

And, there are never any placement fees.



What are the fees?

Do we have to pay a fee to hire everyone who was submitted?

Is there a minimum salary for you to work on a position?

Are submitted candidates fully screened?

Do you submit candidates to your other clients?

Are you motivated to maximize the
candidate's salary?

What else do you provide?

Can we cancel at anytime?


Hourly all inclusive, as little as 10 hours per week. Fees are usually less than 10% of starting salary

No, there are never any placement fees.

We work on all positions and all salary levels

Yes, we only submit qualified candidates with a full narative and contact information 

No, we are paid the same regardless of the salary

Reference checking, interview coordination


Contingent Recruiters

Placement fees are usually 20%+ of starting salary

Yes, placement fees apply for all submitted candidates


Hit or miss

Candidates are often shopped to multiple clients until placed

Yes, since placement fees are a % of salary, the higher the salary, the higher the fee.


Varies, you will owe a placement fee for any candidates submitted and hired.

No, candidates belong to the client.



Network Hub and Cable


  • Information Assurance

  • Penetration Testing


  • Industrial Control Systems

  • Network Security

  • Cloud Security

Startup Development Team

Software Engineering

  • Software Engineers

  • Testers

  • Project Managers

  • DevOps

  • Cloud

  • Software Localization

Business Meeting

Other Postions

  • Sales

  • Marketing

  • Operations

  • Product Management

  • Administration

  • Executives

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"ClientMind's frequent and open communication style put my mind at ease throughout the entire recruitment process. Their gut reaction to candidates was completely on the mark and I was impressed with how quickly they understood the ins and outs of what we were looking for and what would fit with our corporate culture. The next time we have a position available, I would jump at the chance to work with ClientMind Recruiting again."


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